Nope I’m not confused!

san marzanos

Winter has begun to get very long, and a taste of warmer days is a special treat. Now you may thing I am quite confused when you look at this above photo but these pretty San Marzano Tomatoes were actually hiding in my freezer. Once thawed, you can slip the skins off in one piece. This is the first of them that I have gotten out this winter already. Until now I’ve been using canned and frozen sauce I had made. These whole tomatoes were a last minute save at the end of the year, I just couldn’t can anymore and my neighbor said to just rinse them well, cut off the tops and freeze them. Wow, couldn’t have been easier! We have been enjoying Tomato Basil Soup, literally tomatoes pureed with an immersion blender and then a cube of last years frozen Basil. It tasted like summer so intensely I felt like I had flashbacks to Summer warmth, when I put it in my mouth.

tomatoes cooking

This is a combination of red, yellow and green tomatoes (the green tomatoes are actually ripe, they are called Aunt Ruby’s German Greens). It smelled fantastic!

tomato bisque 2

This Soup was Tomato Bisque since we had a little cream leftover from making homemade ice cream for guests last week. It was delicious! The fresh micro greens on top from the neighbor were perfect.

tomato basi garden soup

This was Tomato Basil Garden Soup with our chard and local corn, all from last season. My best friend and husband had to go out east suddenly last week for a funeral.  I left this in their fridge so they would have a hot soup when they got home. I know they both bring lunches to work, so I made them an extra big jar!


After making all the tomato soups, I had a lot of tomato skins left. Each time I pare a vegetable I grab my freezer bag of bits and pieces and add on to it.


This bag is my veggie broth collection bag. It is filled with onion ends, carrot peels, tomato skins mushroom stems etc. When it is full I will make veggie broth and strain it. My freezer is loaded with turkey broth, chicken broth and pork stock, and soon there will be lots of veggie broth too.

frozen tomatoes

The exciting news, is that I have sooo many more of these pretty tomatoes in my freezer!

raspberry sorbet

Now despite the frigid temperatures, a wood fire can get you warm enough to enjoy Summer Sorbet! This one is raspberry, I also recently made Peach Cherry. They taste like summer and are a great treat!

Now for a complete opposite photo, I thought I’d show just how the snow is stacking up here!


Not sure if you can tell but this was taken on a county road. Since there was no one else on the road I got out and took this photo, I was trying to indicate that they snow on this road is higher than my car in places!


This Senior dog would appreciate some soft green grass and even ground one of these days! It’s been a long winter!


It does continue to be very pretty though.

Last night we sat down to a beautiful roasted whole Chicken, a bowl of squash, a bowl of broccoli. Also a bowl of asparagus topped with the tiny last crunchy bits of the Jowl Bacon we opened a while back. It was all ours, every bite, and it was all delicious and comforting food. I looked at the table and couldn’t have been more proud of the changes we have made and the success we have had at feeding ourselves this year.

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