“Mud Season”

I got an interesting reply to an inquiry I made to a Co-op up north. They felt they surely would want to sell my Granola but it would be best to re-connect with them after “Mud Season” because until then no one who doesn’t have to be up there stays! This was a great answer. I marked down on my calendar to call them in May, after Mud Season.

We actually are at the edge of a pretty muddy season as well here. The driveway waffles between a skating rink, and a swimming hole depending on the day. The snow has been melting quite a bit but there was so much of it there is still plenty of snow cover yet. The driveway looked like this yesterday…


I’ve been hunting for little tiny signs of green. What these tiny signs bring is hope and thoughts of warmer days.

see green

see green2

They are all signs that Spring is definitely on the way. Another sign? Our neighbor asked for our plant list today. He has a wonderful greenhouse business and we trade his organic starter plants for Pork and sometimes some babysitting too. So tomorrow after deliveries I will figure out my plant list. We will also set up our amounts for Winter Storage shares of Potatoes, Onions, and Carrots for next year. It’s a great time of year coming. We’ve switched the clocks and it’s lighter in the evening and I love it! Just another sign of summer evenings to come.


I was out cleaning the chickens waterer and this handsome young fellow, fondly named “Runaway” by our Grandson,  came to say hello. He was quite curious about what I was doing. I’m loving this little guy’s shaggy bangs!

local lettuce

So we had a salad! This lettuce was at our local market and was grown by someone one town away from here. They are growing it using aquaponics, (water from a fish tank circulates through a grow bed where the plants are grown). I decided being that this lettuce was grown locally and fresh lettuce looked delicious I indulged and supported this new local business. It was wonderful eating a lettuce salad with some local blue cheese on it!

So I have become interested in knitting. My neighbor’s Mom is the most productive knitter ever, she makes hats in what seems to be a second and neck warmers in flash, she is amazing. This sparked my interest in homemade gifts next year. I remembered my one stitch from a girl scout badge I think but it had been forever. I decided I am knitting something for each person on my list this year, so I’m glad I decided this in March and not October, ha ha! A knit item and some home canned foods make a great gift and so I am planning ahead. I headed to a Variety Store for yarn and needles, and began practicing with small needles and fat needles and nubby yarns and smoother yarns but once I got the feel of it there was something else missing. There was no story to the yarn. Once again Craigslist to the rescue. I did a search for knitting supplies and there it was. Another FIG moment (fate is great). I found a woman who is moving to Mexico. She is a knitter, but not only that, she used to have sheep and she had so much beautiful wool from her Sheep! She was such a warm and interesting woman and this wool needed a new home. She met me in the doorway wearing a knit sweater with a rainbow of colors and it was 2 hours before we realized how long we had been talking and sorting through her wool. This wonderful woman was just another stop along the way in my journey, that started over a year ago. Since I started my business and we began our journey into homesteading I have met amazing people. This is someone I will keep up with. She is leaving to start new in Mexico and she is happy her yarns are with someone who appreciates them. As I looked around her perfectly organized tiny single flat I wondered what it will be like for her to just leave the place she lived for so long and start brand new in Mexico! I am excited for her, and am the happy owner of a lot of beautiful wool! She even fixed my three projects that were at a stand still, one with a dropped stitch, one with a crisscrossed stitch and one where I needed new yarn attached!

wool 2

wool 1

…and now my wool has a story.

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