Some green and some white


real green

Some green…


…and some white. We have one foot in each season right now, but you can smell Spring in the air and it’s amazing. This Spring in particular is even more welcome than others, this winter started early and the snow that fell never melted, it just kept adding up. It’s felt Wintry for 6 months now, and people at this point are very grateful to see 40’s and sunshine, it’s really boosting morale and the weary winter weather attitudes that have been part of the last couple months, pretty much since that unknowing Ground Hog came out of his hole in February.


The pond we re-dug last year has been filling beautifully, or it did so during the big thaw when everything was melting and running. Now it’s lost about 4 inches. So, I find myself reading about Bentonite. This would get spread on the top of the water, and then wherever the water is draining the Bentonite should get sucked down into, and swell and seal the pond. I believe it to be ghastly expensive though, very sadly, and so I’m a little afraid to confirm it because I don’t know what else we can do, so for now I will keep reading more information on it before we decide what to do.

Since it is still cold enough to need warm comfort food, I made some beef stew with beef from a local farm, carrots and potatoes from the neighbors storage, dried juliet tomatoes, the last of our garlic, local corn I froze last year, dried morel mushrooms, our tomato sauce, herbs and veggie broth made from a winters worth of vegetable parings that I kept adding to as I cooked. It was a good warm ourselves up meal, with some just made cheese crackers. Turns out my new ravioli cutter I got for my birthday is an awesome cracker cutter too.

cheese crackers

beef stew

It’s nice to see things not covered in white. There are little signs… the hydrant by the barn works again, the chickens prefer to be out than in, hubby started burning the prairies, and finally this very happy site of true Spring!

sap collecting

What does Spring sound like? … Plink, Plink, Plink

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