Some greens with our white this time.

The Local Challenge that I am involved in is keeping me thinking. We already eat very locally but the great people in this challenge are full of so many great ideas that are making me think! I am looking forward to learning all kinds of new ideas from them! So far I have stuck with my exceptions but I’ve found a few more I didn’t remember to add to the list like peanut butter, chocolate chips, tea, vinegars, baking soda, and baking powder. This is in addition to my original list of: toilet paper, garbage bags, coffee, beer, rum and coke, sugar, mayonnaise, yeast, milk, cheese, and yogurt. Some of these I’ve gotten great encouragement from tje group to try making and I will!

So yesterday  I did the very local thing of hunting for greens on the farm. Things really showed signs of greening up, and it is amazing to see. I went and picked chives and garlic mustard to have with scrambled eggs, and found just what i needed…


Another thing that showed it’s wonderful green-ness popping out of the ground was…


…Garlic! Looking forward already to those first scapes! Then in the Fall our ritual of dividing the Garlic, some to plant some to eat, and guess who always wants more for the kitchen! (Yea I know that means you have to plant more!)

Unfortunately Spring played a mean trick this morning on us, but that is Midwest Spring. It’s green and then it’s white, yet again.

this morning

In other things on the farm… it’s been a busy sapping season! Wow, so much Box Elder sap, and then it got too warm and I thought the season had come to an end, but now it is cold again for a few days so more is coming. Crazy good year for syrup.


All this became a little over 2 and 1/2 quarts of syrup.

Box Elder Syrup

Here is one jar, notice the sugar settles at the bottom. I do not know if that is supposed to happen or not but I just decant it slowly into smaller jars and then I will dry the sugar in the dehydrator for use in baking.


The Cattle will be so happy to get out on pasture, so far there just isn’t grass yet, it almost looks as though they’ve decided that they will just lay down and wait for it! These amazing animals are so pretty, I love to take pictures of them!


Of course I don’t want the ladies to get bent out of shape so they came over for a photo op as well.

I have been doing research on our pond. Checking in with experienced people about whether or not Bentonite would be good to help us seal what seems to be a leak in the pond. It is everything we hoped would not happen when we re-dug it last year. It seems that the leak may be between the 5-9 feet mark so we are getting advice on best things to do. It does look nice to see water on the pond, but I wish we hadn’t lost 2 feet already since the big thaw.


Hopefully we can seal the leaks and it will be ready to stock this year yet!

Finally while on a quiet walk on the farm I took this picture. It seems like a good way to end a post.


Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a green day not a white day!

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