Chicken News: Bratty, Broody, and Peeps



So unfortunately this very pretty girl was pretty mean, and I could not seem to stop the coop wars, so the best resolution was to make dinner. After catching her in the act over and over, and seeing the one poor hen run every time she approached, it was time. I decided this time to skin the bird and not have to deal with the hot water and de-feathering but it turns out I would not do it again, too hard to find landmarks for cutting with all the feathers all over! Her new name is… Coq Au Vin.



Interestingly, she had all these developing eggs inside her. We added them to a couple of regular eggs and had a delicious breakfast!



Broody is the chicken that Bratty was picking on, you can see she is missing some feathers from her head. We started putting her into sick bay at night because that is when the Bratty was being mean, unfortunately, the change of light and location put her in a broody mode and each time we brought her back to the run in the morning, she would run into the nest box, in theory to keep her chick eggs warm (of course there were not any eggs) she would refuse to move, refused to eat and stayed there all day. She wouldn’t even roost at night. So I read on how to “break” a broody hen, I pushed her out of the box, which was not easy at all, because she’d glued herself in and wasn’t budging. After I finally pushed her out I put upside down buckets in the nesting boxes so she couldn’t get back in, and after 2 days she gave it up! Yay! Another victory for the greenhorns!




I might have bitten off a bit more than I should have with these 18 cockerels and 8 hens! They will be in the garage in this old watering tank for about 4-6 weeks then out on pasture in the new chicken tractor, for the next 6-8 and then they head straight to the freezer. The new hens will replace our remaining laying hens in the fall, and the current hens will become stewing hens. I forgot over the year what messy little chicks these are, so so so much poop, I will be glad when they get out on pasture!

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