What kind of busy? The good kind…Spring Busy!


I remember taking this picture last year too. These are a colorful and welcome site! We actually had a salad yesterday! Heavy on the Asparagus and Radishes, and a bit light on the lettuce and Spinach but it tasted great! Looking forward to salad season!

It’s been a new experience going into this year. What is new is that it is officially not my first year anymore. I have a tiny bit of experience under my belt and am well aware of what we need more of, less of, what I planted at the wrong times, and what I didn’t plant that I should have. All that said, I am still a newbie in many ways to all this and so I am learning (and sometimes failing) everyday. At this point I am two gardens behind, although the last two are smaller gardens. The grapes need work, and I still want to put together some chicken tunnels so I can range the chickens in the grass rows between the garden rows. Hubby and I have been meaning to finish inoculating the logs for Shiitakes as well, so oodles to do. Along with all this, my business is hitting a busy time and getting ready for the arrival of a new variety of really granola which means that shelves will need stock on both varieties, which means you guessed it, more baking!  Additionally, food preservation season which creeps in slowly at first, is definitely starting, I have already frozen Asparagus, and Rhubarb and have Asparagus ready to pickle.

planting at night

Speaking of planting, this fair weather farmer planted at night with a headlamp on, the last few days were way too hot to do otherwise.

out of the coop

The chicks are out of the coop now and here they are coming out for the first time. It took a while for them to venture all the way out, they would come out look around and run back in, and then finally they…

out of the coop 2

…started down the plank to explore.

pig dinner

We kept the piglets in their smaller pen for a couple days to get to know us in smaller surroundings where they didn’t have the choice to run off and be standoffish.


Today they went out on pasture and were a bit timid in this first picture but they are sold on the idea now.


The end of a long day, which resulted in an spectacular finish!




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