Sweet-ish Pancakes :-)


While Hubby was gone there was one rainstorm.  Just one. Just one that dropped 3+ inches of rain in less than 2 hours! To quote a very good man, this one was a gully washer! It was the perfect rainstorm to find a good window seat with hot coffee in hand. It rained as though faucets had been turned on, no wind to blow the rain, just a steady downpour for the duration. The night before I was regretting not watering. This took care of those regrets!


I continued on in my food processing… this time, Dill Hot Dog Relish, Pickled Zucchini, Yogurt Cucumber Salad, and more refrigerator pickles.


Dinner was delicious. Local carrots and beets, my eggplant and broccoli, all roasted in the oven with olive oil. My Hubby and many other husbands would have felt this was an incomplete meal, like something was missing, right?


I almost forgot about the Bread and Butter Pickles. We love these, another batch will be in order for sure!


When Hubby returned we had a gathering for his birthday. This collaboratively built salad was perfect for an outdoor celebration. Also on the menu was (locally raised beef) hamburgers on homemade buns (local flour of course, lol), and refrigerator pickles, sliced tomatoes, local melon, pickled carrots, and potato salad made with locally grown potatoes, our eggs, and some of the dill relish I made AND it would have been delicious with dinner, HAD I REMEMBERED TO SERVE IT! Ugh! Well, our guests took home parting gifts. You guessed it, potato salad!

Finally for dessert Grandma made his boy a chocolate cake, and I was going to make him ice cream. Good thing Grandma didn’t know I was making ice cream, because she brought some. What happened to my ice cream? Well, if one does not watch the recipe carefully while on the stove it begins to cook the egg. This is a big no no. Now I had cooked egg, sugar, milk and cream. What do do with all these organic ingredients and our eggs, I couldn’t stand to waste it. Someone said pig food. I had an idea.



Well you’ve likely heard of Swedish Pancakes? This is a “sweet-ish pancake. I added some melted butter and flour to the failed ice cream mixture and these are delicious! Top with ice cream and strawberries from the freezer? A very decadent dessert! …and that is how ice cream became pancakes. A very sweet mistake!

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