The Shiitake mushrooms surprised us the other day. I had been checking them the whole week Hubby was gone and there were none. A few days later we found these! This is our second flush of them over the last couple of months. Hopefully we will get more before it gets too cold. I made a pasta dish with these mushrooms, and our green peppers and garlic, the last package of our ground pork, the last jar of our tomato sauce from last year and a few of our tomatoes from this year which are really just getting started. I turned it into two different dishes. One was Hubby’s with lots of pasta covered in this delicious sauce, and mine was poured over a steaming bowl of diced Zucchini, with extra mushrooms and onions. Sooooo good!


We ate them for a couple of days and then I dried a lot of them. These will add nice variety to stir-fry dishes this winter to go with our frozen veggies. They are delicious…


…and beyond elegant in their design.

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