A Year of Food

We just are beginning to get tomatoes and they are so welcome! It’s been a long time waiting for them.


I managed to save one package of our bacon for BLT’s when the tomatoes came in this year. Saving bacon, from last November, to unite with fresh tomatoes that don’t come till the following August takes discipline, but we did it, and it was well worth the wait!

As I finished our last jar of tomato sauce, from last year the other day, I started thinking about all the homesteading that happened here since that jar was canned a year ago. We will take our first steer to the locker this Fall, are raising an extra pig this year, and have many more chickens than last year. Oddly though, this summer I didn’t feel quite the same “homesteading” wonderment as I did last year, but why? After thinking it over, it occurs to me that it may be, because over the course of this year it became less of a ground breaking change for us, like when we started back at the end of November 2012, instead it now became a way of life.

Although some years are thought of as a fiscal year or a calendar year, I think I will mark our year as the Tomato year, from August to August. This year I would like to take things up a few notches and try to freeze, dry and can enough of our vegetables, fruit and meat for a year. Last year I made great progress towards this, but this year will well surpass the preparation from last year. The freezer is looking like I am well on our way to achieving this! I will still buy all of our dairy (locally) as well as staples such as coffee, flour (local), rum (yes it is s a staple) and other basic supplies, but August is officially the kick off to “A Year of Food” here on our homestead.

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