Cranberries, Pumpkins, and Soup… It must be late Fall!


The Highbush cranberries simmered on the stove.


Then they hung till the juice all ran out.


Tomorrow this will be become HB Cranberry Jelly for Pork or PB and J, I think it would be good, however it is eaten, and it has a lot of vitamin C and A in it!


While the Cranberries were simmering the Pumpkin halves were roasting in the oven. Many hours later I filled this large glass measure. Tomorrow I will puree it and freeze it in 1 cup units for baking pumpkin breads, muffins, pies, or pancakes. PS Pumpkin Scones with Cinnamon Glaze is amazing!


I have a lot of little broccoli off shoots coming in right now with the cooler weather. They have been adding up and since I have quite a bit of broccoli in the freezer for the year I decided to make broccoli soup. Some for now and some will get frozen for a cold day.

This is what I did today, it was another day that felt like a gift. It’s been  nice having the kitchen unable to accommodate me for a few days!

I had hoped to get the Salsa Verde and dried peppers done today but that will be tomorrow, as will finishing the cranberry jelly. The next day it’s back to the granola kitchen but for now I am already looking forward to my early morning reading and coffee 🙂

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