Back on the roller coaster one last time!

So, Pigs this and Pigs that, I thought I was done talking about PIGS! Well, after coming to this great decision, designed by fate, that the pigs would be slaughtered here at the farm by a mobile unit that would transport it in halves to their USDA facility for butchering, along came another change. I got an email from one of the people we are raising the pigs for, and he had concerns. His comment was that he’d had the the bacon and hams from the originally booked  locker and he liked it very much. Will we like the new shops curing and smoking recipe? I could immediately see his point. It was very good last year, and now we were facing the unknown. What if the ham and bacon were not as good as last time? These few customers I have, are remembering last year’s goodness and expecting the same. So, I sucked it up and went back to the original locker again. When I left there, last time, they said they would do it, but I wasn’t convinced that some problem might not come up and nix the plan. My brain kept saying what if an inspector there doesn’t like the fact that they were killed on the farm? What if they randomly condemn the animal for that reason? I went back there and did it the old boys way. Hey there “Bob” (all names have been changed to protect the innocent), “can I have a few minutes with you?” He was great about it, he sat down with me, took the time with me, and we put all our cards on the table, I showed respect for his shop and the way he does things, and he respected my feelings about on farm kill, despite it not being his philosophy at all. I explained that I didn’t want to rock their boat or compromise their way of doing things. He explained that what we wanted is becoming a more and more difficult thing to do, due to imposed regulations, and he wished that wasn’t the case. Ultimately he felt he had made a commitment to us, and we shook hands on his honoring the agreement. I thanked him for his time, his understanding of our ways, and for following through on their commitment. I left feeling like I could breathe more deeply and could finally think about something other than pigs and slaughter. I believe I will be bringing some, well timed Pumpkin Scones their way. A small gift such as this goes a long way in a town like ours. It’s currency from the heart.

…And what about the FIG moment of the day before? It still pays off because now we know where we will likely take our first Steer in the Spring and if I hadn’t called the wrong locker I wouldn’t have known about them.

The final part of the story? We WILL have a complete loading out facility next year. I will not be getting back on this roller coaster. Done.


I went home, and despite the fact that it was 4pm a celebration was in order! I poured a drink and walked up to near the ridge line, in the midst of a field, while I watched the sunset and enjoyed my cocktail Then I hightailed it back home, because after then sunset it got darn cold!

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