Wood, wood, wood.



Wood has been bumped up on the priority list for sure! The wood burner, which only a couple of weeks ago was running a bit in the morning and a bit at night, is now burning wood all day, and into the night. We are promised a week of milder weather, and it will really help us out because it means Hubby can get in the necessary posts needed to build a load out facility for the cattle in the Spring. We didn’t think it would warm up enough to allow a post to be put in, at this point, but once again we got lucky. Seems silly but this post is actually a pivotal thing. See, if we load live we can sell the meat, and if we do on farm kill with a local guy from south of here it will all be “not for sale” and with a pig that isn’t so bad but with a steer this would be way too much meat for us to eat. So this is one pivotal fence post, a lot hinges on it, all jokes aside.

I have been the soup whisperer lately. It seems I can make most any meal into a another meal the next night by souping it some how. The soups tend to evolve and what was one soup the night before gets combined with something else to make a new twist on it for a freezer meal for later or lunch the next day.


This was a Shiitake Mushroom soup with bits of our collards, our neighbors onions and carrots, homemade beef stock, and seasonings. The next night I added some sauteed beef to it that was leftover from another meal. The other soup I made was…

..Chicken Garlic Mushroom and Veggie. It was so delicious, I couldn’t be happier with the flavor of our Delaware Chickens!


Last night we had bacon cheeseburgers with our bacon, on homemade buns, with the kimchi I made, and every beautiful color you see in the above picture from last summer’s harvest. It was a nice dinner with friends and family around the table. After said meal, the men folk went out to watch the football game in the barn, I loaded up the wood burner and my daughter and I had fun with the Genealogy project she is working on, which includes all sides of the family. It is so much fun to learn the connections and how they happened!

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