Yep, hot buttered biscuit weather!


It’s been super cold for a while. We are expecting some warm type temps, even mid 30s one day which sounds like a Spring-like treat for many. The focus is staying warm. Hubby is wonderful about keeping up the wood supply. He really spent so much time working on wood this summer after the tornado hit near his parents house about 40 minutes away. There were, I was told, up to maybe 100 trees down. Hubby hauled wood back here all summer and cut it up, BUT, all that wood was for next year not this year. It won’t be ready till then, so after spending all that time on wood we were sorely missing wood for this year! The good news, is that it accidentally put us one year ahead in our wood supply which is something he has always wanted! Now, though this meant that he had to go out to the woods and pull out a bunch of trees for this year. There are plenty of dead elms around here and they are so clean to carry into the house because all the bark is off of them already, and they burn very hot! This is especially helpful because we don’t do that thing we should do, and get up during the night and load more wood into the box, instead we wake up rather chilly here. We save so much on fuel by using a resource we have here. It is a lot of work for him, but he kind of enjoys it, just as the gardening and food preservation for the year are things I work hard at but also enjoy. Oddly though, there are times where it is the inverse and becomes indulgent to heat with wood, because on a super cold windy day, it isn’t bad having the house at 71, which we would never do with the furnace. Always, ups and downs to everything, right?

We do other things to combat the cold as well, like…


eating hot biscuits and butter with…


hot Vegetable Beef soup!!!!


My holiday gift books from MIL and FIL came! Amazing amounts of good reading here. Starting to think about things I never thought about before… like… “When I am retired I am going to read endlessly without feeling like a SHOULD be doing something else.” I am looking forward to this, but it has not escaped me at all, that I have used “when I am retired” in a sentence. Truly, hard to believe I am at an age where this is actually becoming a thought on my radar!


While I read or watch tv at night Veggie Chips are a great snack. These are the real veggie chips!


Tomorrow will be a baking day. I am trying to build up a larger supply in my “warehouse”. That is what the state calls it officially, but they are actually steel cabinets, so it is quite amusing to have the inspectors out to inspect my “Warehouse Under 50,000 square feet”! The surprise on their face is priceless. I baked up this batch last Sunday, and much of it went to my cafe and restaurant type customers. Not only that, I also sent an order of 2 oz. bags out to my Grandson on the West Coast. This entrepreneurial 10 year old, is going to sell it at the PTA Coffee Table at his school. He talked to his boss and it is a go, he is splitting his profits with the PTA. Nice! He’s a super cool kid and an awesome Grandson!

I am off to go check for eggs, I have been a bit slow to get out there with the cold, and there are sometimes frozen eggs, with large crackled off bits of shell. First I will spend 10 minutes putting on the right layers, I do not like being cold and so to combat it, I wear many more layers than most people. If I don’t, I do nothing but complain, I can be honest about this, which by the way does not make me a lot of fun to be around, right?  I’m totally reminded of how long it took to get our 4 year old and infant into snowsuits to go out on a quick errand, that’s about how long it takes me…

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