The kitchen is my laboratory…

I noticed today that my kitchen counter is beginning to look like a series of experiments. Currently lined up on my counter are two jars of fermenting carrots, 2 jars of fermenting kimchi and a 4 tiered stack of sprouts growing. Next to that is dough rising in a covered bowl. Additionally my pantry fridge has a large bowl with a wooden spoon laying across it and hanging from it is goat cheese draining off the last of the whey. It is my kind of laboratory and I love my lab. Here are pictures of the latest experiments…


Spicy Fermented Carrots


Cabbage, carrots, radish, celeriac root, in a brine, soon to be kimchi.

While this one wasn’t a cooking experiment, it is a prototype for a little soap draining dish to have my new wonderful goat milk soap in, so it will drain nicely and last a long time.


I have to yet figure out how to keep the wood pieces together at the bottom… when finished, then I will oil them to resist water, but it’s doing what I hoped and I was pleased with it.


Winter time redefines salad. Here is a winter salad…beauty heart radishes (purchased from a local farm, sprouts (grown in the kitchen), hard boiled eggs from our lovely ladies, and goat cheese, from a recent goat milk trade and a bit of fresh (frozen) salsa (from last summer) on top.

And about salsa… Last year I canned plenty and made freezer salsa. We liked the freezer salsa much better. It is not fresh but not cooked like canned. When it comes out of the freezer the texture is not the same as summer, but the taste is like summer. It’s nice to eat the fresh tasting salsa first before moving over to the canned later in the year.


Another spin on the radishes and goat cheese and sprouts. A perfect snack while prepping dinner:)

Chicken dilemma…

I have been trying to figure out my chicken order for this Spring and I am doing mental gymnastics trying to figure it out. Our tiny high tunnel was a chicken tractor last year and I will be using it as a green house this Spring. After Spring when it warms up it will be lifted off the garden and become a tractor again. (After the meat birds are in the freezer it will become a tiny high tunnel again to plant cold crops in for Fall and a bit into Winter.) I would like to have more meat birds this year but am struggling with the housing aspect. Decisions need to get made though and so I will try and iron the plan out this weekend. Chicks need to be ordered, and seeds need to be started. I have always had my bartering Organic Farmer neighbor start my plants and we trade back later, but I would like to not run up the barter sheet as fast this year. I’ve not started my plants before, so time for more learning, and figuring out a growing space indoors for them.

Now, I am off for really granola deliveries and to pick up more goat milk. I’ve started saving the whey in the freezer for the Pigs this Spring:)

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