This is what a mirage must look like to chickens in the dead of Winter.


Some of our neighbor’s lovely micro green flats that he delivers to restaurants are not always restaurant quality. Once his chickens have their fill of the extra trays our chickens get lucky! After they got over their initial fear of this new green object, the boldest one checked it out and then alerted the others with her “I found something great” clucks!! So nice to see them eating something green. I do throw them some sprouts I’ve been growing in the kitchen but these micro green flats are far superior.

Today the wind is howling. It’s a sunny 4 degree day, with wind chills right now at almost -20. Today will no doubt be an indoor day for me, the colder it gets the more I want to cook. Tonight, being Valentine’s Day and all, I used it as an excuse to pick up some local beef (for a change from Chicken and Pork), and so I will cook up some steaks, mashed potatoes, Italian flat beans, and some summer strawberries for dessert. Also, I think I will make a batch of Tortilla Soup. This day needs soup!


Going out to feed the chickens today will require these! I got them at St. Vinnie’s for $2.00 and they are real sheepskin and they were NEW! When I wear them outside my hands don’t know they have left the house!!


In the midst of this…Mom and Dad sent beautiful sunny Oranges for us from Florida. Honestly it was like the choir struck a chord when I opened the box, I swear sun rays came out of it!! It was so nice to eat these juicy delicious oranges, that I wanted them to last longer. I decided it might be fun to make orange marmalade, but apparently I would have had to use up all my delicious oranges on that, so I decided to try and make it out of a simple syrup and tiny diced orange peels with the white part trimmed off. Well, it didn’t thicken as much as I would have liked BUT when life gives you thin marmalade, make french toast syrup:) I tried it the other day and it is awesome!!


I’d be happy eating it with a spoon…

What’s been keeping me busy lately is the Granola biz! It is going through growing pains but in a really good way. I will update when things are finalized, but it has consumed my time and brain, and although that is all good news, today I will need a change. I will be ordering seeds, planning the garden and looking at Chicken breeds, well and of course cooking. Wednesday we are going to tour someone’s chicken operation near here. We have driven by and his set up is great. He has about 15 chicken tractors lined up and moving along daily. I am looking forward to this, in hopes it will help us figure out our Chicken plan for this year.


This is our bull Scotty, and he is the man. He feels the only good hay is the hay that can barely be reached. I guess it’s the bull version of the grass is always greener on the other side?

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