7 days, 7 posts; my solo farm week – day 1

Hubby is off on his “mancation” with is two brothers, and I am holding the fort down for a week. We aren’t apart much and we both enjoy our vacations, he in his kayak and mine being more of a “staycation”. I spent the week getting lots of granola sold, and making deliveries, figuring out inventory and placing orders for the next big baking session over at the kitchen. My goal was to leave myself with a light work week and let it be more of a farm week. It’s perfect timing to have a farm week too, because I have a loads of beans, beets, greens, cabbage, etc ready and tomatoes are getting ready to explode, but are still probably a week away. They are quite late this year.


I felt lucky to find this many the other day. I’ve been loving all the veggies from the garden…


…not only because they are delicious but because they are beautiful too! Examples below…




I can’t help but insert photos such as these, because they amaze me. My kids tease me, all the time, because when we fly somewhere far away, I predictably go to bed saying, I can’t believe we were at home this morning! I am that way with seeds too. I put various tiny seeds in the ground and each one knows what to become and then proceeds to produce pounds and pounds and pounds of food, and it amazes me, not to mention the beauty, check out those beets! This is just an iphone photo, imagine if I was using my real camera! Which by the way, I am breaking out this week to have a bit of fun! It’s on my staycation list!

Other things on my list for this week include; getting the fall garden in, canning, freezing and eating lots of veggies, knitting, working on my hunter safety class, working on a secret new really granola product, getting the garage and freezer ready for licensing, so we can process our first beef, shooting some targets with my pellet gun, and looking through my new Foxfire books, that I was so lucky to be gifted and maybe even a bit of fishing at a local stream. This is a just a partial list 🙂

This past week, I have been trying to keep up with the beans. I made Dilly beans and canned them. Tomorrow I will be freezing about 7 pounds of beans, that are in the fridge and picking more beans when I am done. I think I will do another batch of Dilly beans with the beans I pick tomorrow. This is the first year I have grown enough beans for us for the year. In the past I have bartered for a quantity or purchased from a local farmer. It feels good to have calculated properly this year.



I may have calculated well on greens too. I’ve got a lot I’ve put in the freezer already this year. The back tray is Kale, and the front tray has chard, beet greens and Collards. This all got blanched and frozen.



These are Zucchini ready to go into the dehydrator. They will hydrate easily and can be added to soups and other dishes.


A new batch of kimchi. I can’t seem to get enough of it. This batch turned a nice pink color from the purple cabbage. So delicious!


Collecting eggs at night is not really the norm, but it was when I got to them that day.

Tonight was night one of the job I was trained in on, and that is moving the coops at night. We have two that need moving. I use the four wheeler to pull them. One is quite large and the other is a bit more manageable, but I got them both done successfully! Since, I don’t really like doing stuff in the dark, I went up there early tonight and just waited for the birds to go in, this way I have the most light possible to get this done. These birds are less then 2 weeks from the freezer and they are really growing nicely. I think we may have 4 pound birds instead of 3 pound birds this year. I was given some advice to keep them on starter feed, and not switch to grower, this gives them more calories and that helps with growth a bit but not like the fast raising birds that take 8 weeks to table. That isn’t what we are doing here.

This was last night’s view after I moved the coops. Being up in the field each night at about 9pm is also perfect timing for light shows such as this!


Day 1 went well.

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