Day 2 – My Solo Farm Week

Today I spent a good amount of time picking in the garden and got to a lot of processing of veggies. I froze flat beans, and regular beans, about 18 bags total. The beans have been prolific and beautiful! I froze them in 2 person servings. That works well for us. I’ve definitely improved my blanching techniques. I don’t blanch as long as I used to and then once the veggies come out of the ice water bath (post blanching), I put them all on thick terry towel which absorbs the water nicely so they don’t all freeze in an iceberg! It’s been working great.



So far, I have gotten a good start on my freezing. I have broccoli, beans, blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, kale, collards, chard, and beet greens already put away. I haven’t canned much other then rhubarb-strawberry jam I made early in the season with last year’s frozen fruit, and Dilly Beans this year.

I want to can things this year that make easy side dishes with a quick meal, such as; Three Bean Salad, Corn Relish, Pickled Beets, Sauerkraut (never made this before) and then other things such as Salsa, BBQ Sauce and Ketchup.

Tomorrow I will be making Peach Jam. My MIL gifted me a good amount of peaches and since I generally get a case of peaches from up north in the state later in the season for cutting into pieces and freezing for winter fruit, I thought I would Jam these.

Other things that happened today…


Drying Dill.


Refrigerator Dills, with farmer’s market Cukes. Next year they will be my cukes, but always nice to support a local farmer.


Watermelon Candy!

Finally it was almost dark, and time to move the coops, and uh oh, the big coop just wouldn’t pull. I knew hubby just wouldn’t give up, so I kept backing up the four wheeler and then pulling forward at a slightly different angle. After about the 4th time, it worked! I was able to pull it forward, close up the rest of the birds in the other three coops and do my victory lap:)

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