Day 3 – My solo farm week

Things are going swimmingly well. Moving the birds is no problem, I’ve been keeping up on the cattle water, (and counting the cattle, hoping for no calves) tending the garden, preserving the harvest, and occasionally doing some business, even if it is my week off, sometimes business calls. The weather has been amazingly cooperative.


The farmer who rents our land and has an uncanny way of cutting hay the day before it rains, came up and cut the hay and it looks like 3 good drying days ahead. All in all, oh so happy with how things are going. Hope I didn’t curse anything by saying so, lol!

Today I got to the peaches I was given the other a few days ago.



Turned out to make 9 jars of Peach Jam. Sadly our Cherry tree didn’t have cherries this year or last. The year before that was an intensely cold Winter and the Cherry tree was a casualty. I have no idea if it can recover or not, it looks fine, but no fruit. So I guess Peach is the new Cherry around here.


Dinner. (Hubby would not have liked this dinner.)

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