Day 4 – My solo farm week

I purchased a new fan. It was supposed to go together easily and require a screwdriver. I got it together but it took all of these things. I’m just not good at putting things together, for this reason IKEA is my worst nightmare. I couldn’t even fold the darn port-a-crib after my daughter and her family were visiting! Well I did get the fan put together finally, and it’s making a big difference, for $12 that is saying a lot! Oh and more home maintenance, I replaced the appliance bulb in the oven. Yep I’m a regular jack of all trades;-)


I had to take break from vacation to figure out batch numbers and amount of bags I want filled for the next big bake at the kitchen. I am happy that I’ve been able to increase batch numbers each time I bake and that each time I am able to sell that extra amount more. I am introducing a new size soon, which is exciting (in my world). I am also working on a possible new idea for really granola, but it’s a secret yet!

The other day my daughter and her boyfriend came out to pick in the garden, and they kindly helped me with a few things while they were here. They helped motivate me to finally bite the bullet and trim my tomato jungle. They were so overgrown that it was hard to see the rows in the garden anymore, or even find the tomatoes. Some tomatoes were sacrificed in the process, and so my daughter put up 3 quarts of pickled green tomatoes! Yum! Oh and then they came in and helped me process veggies while we enjoyed Bloody Mary’s. Geez, can this guy make a Bloody Mary!! So good!


I finally figured out my problem with canning Pickles. The problem was I was canning pickles. I’ve started making them as refrigerator pickles instead and they are super delicious and crunchy! This is what my back up fridge looks like right now. There would be more jars in the picture but the kimchi is in the kitchen fridge, because well, truth be told I eat it all the time. I think it’s supposed to be a condiment, but in my book it’s a staple at a meal. Love the stuff.


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