Day 5 – My Solo Farm Week

The humidity has been much lower lately and after so much of it, the sky looks amazing minus the haze of humidity in the air.




I’ve done so much food processing this week and veggie and fruit eating that the chickens are getting pretty nice scraps these days. While it looks like a gave them giant pieces of Watermelon in this picture it really was just the rind, but I left them a layer of the red part for a treat!

I have thoroughly been enjoying my break from making dinners. The dinners I made for myself were so easy that the making, the eating and the clean up were generally less than an hour. Although I don’t mind making regular dinners when hubby is here, and I will add, I often really enjoy it, it sure was nice to take a break from it. Seems I start thinking about dinner at 4:30 and then by the time it is prepared, eaten and cleaned up from it is 6:30 or 7:00! This was a much needed break.


This was an example…beet and mangel greens, with dilly beans and a buttered potato. Yum, and done. The potatoes were from the neighbor and the butter was purchased but the rest was ours:)

Tomorrow I have to face the project I have been putting off, and that is finishing cleaning all the darn chick dust off of everything on the other side of the garage. I got one side done and then procrastination kicked in, but since we have to get the freezer licensed and get the 2 of the cattle processed, which hinges on a clean enough garage to bring an inspector into, I must finish it today.

My staycation has been wonderful. Friday, Hubby comes home from his trip and things get back to normal, and this includes me getting back to my granola business. Except for here and there, I haven’t done much, it truly was a vacation, and where better to have one then here!

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