Day 6 – My Solo Farm Week

So today was the last full day of my solo staycation on the farm. It’s been wonderful. I spent this last day…finishing cleaning the garage, (so that I can have them out to license the freezer) worked in the garden quite a bit and picked more beans, kale, collards, beet greens, some tomatoes (they have not hit the explosion yet, we are just getting a small bowl each day) and some of the mangel greens, that we had planted for the pigs, that turned out to be tasty. While this isn’t for everyone, I rendered the leaf lard from last Fall’s Pigs yesterday and today. I used the crock pot and it was pretty effortless.


rendering 2

This is what it looked like when it cooled. I hear that this makes the best pie crust ever!


I dug these pretty potatoes up today. I will roast some of them with Hubby’s welcome home dinner tomorrow night. There’s about 12 pounds of them, they are not for storing, we will use these up by Fall and that is when we will tap into our storage potatoes that our wonderful organic gardener neighbor will score for us from his farm or some of his friends farms. He gets great deals and then stores them for us all Winter in his walk in cooler.


The cattle were oddly restless today. Our Bull was feeling lets say, rather amorous and the date he picked was not interested at all. He was relentless, I’ve never actually seen him that way! I was glad she wouldn’t “stand” for him, as we really don’t need to increase our herd size! Every time she rebuffed him, everyone would start shoving in their pecking order. It was interesting to watch. I climbed up on something higher to get this picture. They were all looking at me so I thought, why not?!


I also spent time reading my hunter safety class. Boy oh boy is it detailed. I shall be very well informed when I am done!

The other thing I did was get everything mowed, because I knew Hubby would love to see that when he drove up. It feels good to be able to use the four wheeler and the mower without feeling like I won’t be able to get them started or that they will die and I won’t know what to do. I feel much more comfortable with them now.

On a whole other note, I saw this on Facebook and it screamed to me. Not sure about the s’mores since we eat them at campfires in the Summer, but I am totally on board with the hoodies and pumpkins, and lovely cool Fall temps!


Getting very excited for this!

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