A little less kitchen, and a little more garden…

The garden is really looking like Fall. The tomatoes are wrapping up with a handful of cherry tomatoes and a few San Marzano’s each day.

fall garden


No matter how much Parsley I dry, I can’t keep up, lol!


I did manage to accumulate enough for two more trays of roasted tomatoes with garlic, basil and olive oil. This time though I pureed them and, because of the skins being in it, it made it super thick and it could be sauce for a pizza or a when cold it is thick enough for to be a roasted tomatoes ketchup. I have 12 small jars of this in the freezer, not bad seeing how I thought the tomatoes were almost done! The dill shown above will all get dried into dill seed and dill weed. My dehydrator has gotten little rest this season.

red beet mangels

This was cool! We grew these Red Beet Mangels for our Pigs we were getting in May. Ummm then we didn’t get Pigs this year after all. We had enough going on this year! So what to do with the Mangels. Each one weighs close to, or more than a pound! I decided to get in touch with my friend who raises goats. When I can get over there I barter with her for milk and eggs too, while our girls are in their molt. I asked if she was interested in some Winter feed for her goats. She said she really did need fresh feed for them for the Winter, apparently you can bury them and cover them with loads of straw and they last through the winter. She came over and we dug up loads and loads and stuffed boxes of them into her small Toyota and off she went. I was left with 3 dozen eggs, 1 gallon of goat milk and a giant credit for milk and soap. It was a win-win-win. The third win was for the goats!


Here are some of her beautiful eggs that Hubby was cooking up with some chives. There really is a remarkable difference between farm eggs and store eggs. šŸ™‚

As long as I seem to have found my way back to the kitchen I will show off my exciting new venture into fermenting. I have made kimchi a few times but now I have these awesome fermenting jars!


On the left is Sauerkraut and on the right is Kimchi. I can’t wait to taste these. I also made some vinegar pickled Kohlrabi and beets shown below.

pickled kohlrabi:beets

soap dishes

Finally, I finished this tiny little project that I started forever ago. These are my new soap dishes for my goat soap. I cut it into chunks and will put one by each sink in the house. When the jars get soapy and messy then I just rinse them clean. Hubby drilled the holes, in the wood, I didn’t trust myself to learn how to use a new tool on something that was so small and could so easily split!

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