Baking, winning and selling. A good week.

IMG_5683 - Version 2

My favorite little neighbors came over for our bi-annual cookie baking! This year their skills really hiked it up a few notches. Then we experimented with some mini caramel apples.



It was a fun, but rather sticky afternoon. Perhaps not the healthiest of fair, but the kiddos, my daughter and I all had gooey good fun!


In other news, I WON this! $100 of local foods!!! This was super fun, all such good food, all so healthy and delicious. I answered a question on the Co-op’s Facebook page and names were drawn. How did I get this lucky?! All local, all wonderful!


Another unusual thing that week was that hubby decided to part with his 1949 International Pick up truck. I listed it on our local buy and sell Facebook page and in 4 hours there was guy here with a big stack of hundred dollar bills. The money comes at a good time, since we have money tied up in a house flip and we are waiting on the sale. So in the last few weeks, I have sold 159 pounds of Mangel beets, a pick up truck and a 1 year old Highland. I am definitely on a roll!


Oh yes, and I additionally sold our first 4 chickens! Sold them off the farm, and it felt really good to know we raised it from a chick, and sold it to someone who understands the care and work that went into them and bought them for her dinner table. November 4th we have our first beef going in and will be loading the beef into our freezer in mid November. All of this is very exciting and bringing us to a whole new place. It’s been three years since we started our mini herd, and now we will have beef each Fall.


These are tiny GOJI BERRIES! I didn’t think I would see one this year. We planted 2 Elderberries, 2 Red Currants, 2 Plum trees and one Goji Berry this past Spring. I am hoping that next year we will have lots of blossoms on all of them. Not really sure what we will think of the taste of Goji berries or not, but my goal this past Spring was to add more fruit to our farm. Fruit in the Midwest is a very limited engagement and so stocking the freezer with enough fruit is harder for us. This year in the freezer we have local blueberries, local strawberries, our rhubarb, peaches from a couple hours north of us and loads of applesauce and plenty of apple cider, although we wished we had done more cider. This was our first year doing it and hoping next year for a whole lot more! It is delicious. We did a wild apple cider with mixed wild apples and then one with our pears in it. Oh and in the pantry we have lots of dried apples, some dried peaches, dried watermelon and dried pears.


WE GOT OUR FIRST EGGS FROM OUR NEW LAYERS!!!!! So proud of the little girls.

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