Deer Camp 2015

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, with friends here hunting, Thanksgiving and 2 different sets of visitors that happened to pop in to town at different times. We basically have had Deer Camp 2015 for the last week and a half. There were several days of no deer and then one of them did get one. It was almost the one that got away. They actually didn’t find it till the next day. Thankfully they did and it was my first time seeing someone skin a deer. I secretly wanted to take the knife and do it myself, as he was in a bit of a hurry and I actually see butchering as an art and would have enjoyed taking the time to do it it a bit more tenderly, either way the task was done, and he did go home with a deer in quarters. I am sure he had a lot more work to do that night when he got home though. We couldn’t honor the heart the way I would have wished to, because we are in a CWD zone and so you have to wait for the test results (not everyone does this but we would), and so therefore I wouldn’t feel ok eating the heart the day of the hunt:( The coyotes will have no misgivings about taking care of it though.


In other news…


It’s fire wood time. Again.

honey ferments

Since the Winter is around the corner I’ve started some honey ferments. They are pretty and delicious. Our house seems to be too cold for them to ferment so they are really infusions. I am not much of a tea drinker but add a little pineapple honey to tea and suddenly it is tasting a lot better:) I learned that people used to store fruit in honey as a way to preserve fruit for Winter. I also have a garlic honey ferment going, people swear that the honey fermented garlic is good for colds. The fermentation process does not offer probiotics like most ferments, but garlic and honey are both great for the immune system so why not try it? So far, thankfully no colds yet!

I haven’t posted a dinner in a while, but it looked so delicious on the plate I had to do it!

pork veggie dinner

Locally raised pastured Red Wattle Pork, our brussels sprouts, our wild appleasauce, and our cabbage, fermented into Sauerkraut. I know I’ve had “too much of the Kool Aid” but I take a lot of pleasure in looking at my plate and thinking about when and where it came from, before I begin to eat.

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