Farm Catch up… (mostly photos)

The is the wonderful aftermath of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Soup. I was the lucky one who got to bring the carcass home from Thanksgiving. My sister who hosted our beautiful holiday was heading down south afterwards so that is why I got lucky enough to bring the carcass home. She had purchased a turkey that was raised on a small farm in their region and it was delicious. This Thanksgiving Soup is a tribute to her lovely meal, with bits of the stuffing that was in the bird, lots of rich turkey flavor, our carrots and shiitake mushrooms, and herbs. There was enough for her to have some as well as my parents, and my daughter who lives in town. It tasted wonderful!


The weather has been more than odd, we have had 60 degree days and rain and mud and an occasional frost to let us know it is in fact December.  The weather forecasters are promising a Wintry mix tomorrow, one that involves, rain, sleet, hail, and snow, any of which will be measured in inches. I will get all deliveries done tomorrow early then lock myself in for the duration.



Despite the mild temperatures Wisconsin is unpredictable, especially these days, so the wood pile continues to grow. We have been burning as though it is October. A small fire at night and a small fire in the morning. Tomorrow will be different.


Because our hay gets wasted when on the ground to feed, and because our old round bale feeder ended up entrapping our Bull one time, we now have this feeder. Hubby created the design and the good news is that no one has gotten stuck in it yet. He loads it from the top with the forks on the tractor. Hopefully this will keep them from turning half their food into bedding!


I’ve been trading eggs to our neighbor for his micro green flats (after he cuts them for customers). It’s nice to see the chickens enjoying greens at this time of the year! It’s a perfect deal!


The good news about the weather is that it is helping my lettuces and radishes grow in the mini high tunnel. Hopefully salad will not be far off. We’ve never had greens coming in this late, but we have also never had warm weather like this in December!

Moving inside…to the kitchen of course.


This new yogurt method I am using is awesome. So much less work and reliable and delicious, nice and thick too! Sometimes it takes a while to get it right like bread making. Finding the right recipe took over a year, but now it is reliable, this new yogurt method is the best and so it is a keeper.


A few entries ago, I mentioned that I had taken all my frozen tomatoes and prepped them for making hot sauce, ketchup and bbq sauce. Well, finally I can say it is all done. I have two batches of hot sauce, one is hotter then the other, both of them use the fermented pepper, garlic, dried tomato, onion puree as a base. They are a bit hot for me, but I have gotten good reviews:)



Finally the Raspberry Mead is ready!! It is a bit strong I think but I like it. Definitely could do some tweaking but not bad at all for a first time try. Next maybe peach?


Many people say, but if you don’t buy produce, then what do you eat all Winter? Looks to me like between the extended cold storage at my neighbors and my Summer efforts packed away in the freezer that we are doing just fine in the Winter months!


And here is one of my favorite breakfasts, however, this one was special as it was finally ready Christmas morning! Great way to start the day. Finally, a pic of my Hubby’s Christmas gift to me…. Ready?


My own 1960’s Colt 22 LR, with a beautiful Walnut stock. I am working on getting the siting down, it is so nice and light for me. Do I see Rabbit dinners in our future?