Our first trip ice fishing was a success! We were dressed in many layers and I had pocket warmers in my mittens and socks, and between the two and the not bad temps, we managed to be out there about 5 hours.




Every Wisconsin event needs Brats, right? And of course, I brought my fermented Kraut! By late afternoon we headed home, started up a fire in the house and got to fish cleaning, which we were doing for a while! There are now quite a few frozen fish meals set aside. All in all a great day!


In the last entry I showed the lettuce mix I am growing in the greenhouse. With the extra blanket that I drag over the plants on the inside, they have kept growing nicely, despite the temps. They are getting bigger now..


Green is amazing to see at this time of year.


We made a trade of beef for bacon, with a farmer friend. This night dinner was fermented cabbage, our friend’s bacon, our eggs and fermented radishes and carrots with sprouts grown on the counter. If this were served at a Farm to Table restaurant, I believe it would be a repeat item on the menu!


One last bit of food porn… bartered bacon, homemade bread, sprouts grown on the counter and topped with Watermelon radishes from cold storage.

At this point in the year, it is time for a list. What are our plans for the cattle this year, how many pigs will we get, discuss chickens for meat and eggs, figure out where to make more garden space, decide when we will prune the grapes, apples, raspberries, and more… Soon it will by syrup season, and then it all begins again. A year of food starts with Syrup in the Spring and ends with Pumpkin processing in the Fall.

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