Things that change…

This is a photo collage of how things change here,

and how one thing often inspires another…


Late May to Mid July…

IMG_8454july big garden


IMG_8452tomatoes july

Berries become…


…amazing jam


Cucumbers become…


yummy fermented pickles

…delicious fermented pickles


Calendula flowers dry to become…

dried calendulacalendula salve

…Calendula Salve.


Fresh Dill dries to become…

IMG_8502dill seed

…Fresh dried Dill seed.


A Cranberry and honey ferment and a Lemon and honey ferment becomes…


… a 2 quart jar of cranberry honey and a 2 quart jar of lemon honey that both can be used this year for sweetening tea and desserts. What is shown in this jar got mixed together in the food processor and will be Cranberry relish for the year. It will be especially great on our Pork come Winter.

It’s nice looking back over this and seeing that despite the fact that sometimes I feel like I have many unfinished things, that there are plenty of things that do come together in the end:)

Finally, a great find today!

We are approaching August and produce season is really kicking in at this point. I will be blanching and freezing small batches of Kale, Collards, and Swiss Chard every few days at this point. The Green Beans and Dragon Tongue beans will be coming in full over the next week, so there is plenty more to blanch and freeze, so the timing today of my popping into the local resale shop and finding this great tool for blanching, was perfect! It cost me $2.00 and it is stainless steel and much smaller then what I used to use, and the basket is perfect for plunging from pot to ice water to stop the blanching process. It made the job very simple, and simple often means that I get more of it done! Looking forward to a freezer full of vegetables this Winter!

blanching pot




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