Playing catch up with some before and after pics

I did post this picture before, but now that it is done, I wanted to show the before and after pictures together.  This was made from garage door panels. As I had mentioned they seem to be a commodity that garage door companies are happy to give away. Each panel is insulated, which helps a lot in our climate! The new birds are doing well in their new coop. Next step is biting the bullet and opening their attached run so they can range.

These logs were ready to plug with shiitake spawn. I am hoping to sell pre-inoculated logs next year as an addition to our farm sales. It takes a year for the logs to fruit so if I sell them next year, they would be prime to fruit for the buyer.

Here are the logs, I hope to sell,  that will rest till next year.

The little Morel looked like it was in a fairy land, it was too pretty to not be remembered. The season started very slow this year since it was so cold late into May, later it did start to really pick up. I happen to live with the Morel Whisperer so it’s not me finding these great hauls.

I meant to post this a while back. This beef jerky was made using 3 large round roasts from our Highland Cattle. It took a fair amount of time, but turned out great. I love that this dehydrator has the fan on the back of the unit so you don’t have to rotate trays. I wish the jerky had lasted longer, I’m afraid it was too good!

This was sad. One of our young birds got pushed off the plank by another bird and damaged it’s leg badly. It was definitely in pain so we decided to be kind and cull the bird. I didn’t want to waste any of it, I felt badly it was pushed off, and got hurt. It was important to me to take this small bird to the table, and I wanted none of it to go to waste. It was enough for both of us to have delicious chicken sandwiches for lunch, and a few cups of broth. It wasn’t what I planned on doing that day, but sometimes the day goes in unexpected directions.

This was the view from my “blind”. Yep it was my first time turkey hunting, and I sat in my $5 pop up blind from a yard sale. It was a beautiful night, I got to practice some calls, and heard one turkey. Good enough.