Family Christmas on the Farm and it finally looks like Winter!

My daughter and I were, on December 23rd,  lamenting that there was no snow for Christmas. None in the forecast, and nothing on the ground. It mostly looked like October. I woke up the day of Christmas Eve, and couldn’t believe it! We did not have a lot of snow, but enough to make it look like Winter which I was so missing! It finally felt like Winter holiday season.

I wanted to finish this weaving for our holidays, and literally got it done on Christmas Eve in time for our gathering the next day here. I really enjoy these weavings, I usually take my time but this time I was working on a deadline to get it done. Very pleased at how it turned out!

The house smelled wonderful filled with Pumpkin bread and…

…fresh bread for the table, and for breakfast the next morning.


I was able to serve a spinach salad from our tunnel garden and roasted carrots and parsnips as well. It was exciting to see the tunnel hanging in there this late in to the cold months. Since then it’s gotten to be well below zero, day after day. I have not checked the tunnel, but am not holding huge hope of my Spinach still being there at this point. The tunnel does do a great job, but subzero is subzero, and it’s pretty tough to be a spinach plant in that!

Had fun baking with our in town daughter over the holidays. These rosettes were delicious and the pie couldn’t have been better. I am not a good crust maker but with my daughter cheering me on, I actually made a great crust, and she made awesome filling! It was topped off with homemade cinnamon vanilla ice cream.

It was a lovely holiday with family.

The chickens are now in their Winter digs. They will stay in here till Spring when we will turn them out so they can free range. We wait till the Spring when the birds are 1 year old to range them, they seem to easily learn at this point where there home is and to come back to it, but for now they are cozy with an insulated coop and a covered run for safety from predators. Since the snow fell, they have pretty much refused to come out. They act like snow is hot lava and must not be touched. Oh well, can’t blame them with a cozy coop to stay in, I haven’t ventured out much either the last few days. Hubby goes out to check on the cattle daily and has kindly been watering the birds and feeding them as long as he is out.

Pig day came and went very well. The mobile slaughter unit came and did a wonderful job. Today we are picking up our pork, and will celebrate with bacon in the morning tomorrow. It is so nice to not have to transport the pigs and make their last day on this planet a terrifying day. These pigs last day was calm and quiet. They were gone in one second with the electrical kill that they use. Absolutely instantaneous, and they didn’t know what was coming. They were also feeling pretty chill after being fed some feed with beer in it the hour before the unit arrived. These guys do a great job, and we are thrilled with the service they provide.

Now it is my favorite time of year. The quiet months of Winter and short days, no festivities or holidays, just appreciating Winter’s wild beauty.

This is a very favorite Winter activity for me. I look forward to this quiet time in January to study over seed catalogs and think and dream about plans and ideas for next year’s garden.