Why did I think this was so scary and so difficult?

Here she is, my first pressure canner. I mentioned in a recent post that I had gotten one. It was something I was afraid to do for a while, for some reason it seemed complicated and dangerous and turns out it really can’t be dangerous unless you do it wrong, and since it is a super easy process it’s pretty tough to do it wrong!

Raising beef, pork and chicken, we end up with so many soup bones and they take up a huge amount of space in the freezers due to their bulkiness. When I make them into jars and jars of bone broth it helps get more space back in the freezers, but if I then freeze all the bone broth I have a space issue again. Enter the pressure canner. This pressure canner means I can make the broth shelf stable and it’s so nice to be able to pull a jar off the shelf and pour it in a pot and heat it up, rather than thaw it from the freezer. Having this on the shelf I can use it as a soup base, and make all kinds of soups from it. It’s also nice when someone is not feeling so great and there is homemade broth that can be warmed right up.

Bulk bones ready to be roasted and then go into the pot for a 36 hour simmer.

Ready for the maiden voyage.

This gigantic warning looked pretty scary, especially since it’s secured on, and you are told not to remove it!

It was totally easy, and turned out such a pretty color too.

I can see that this is only the beginning!

This day here, was what I call a “kitchen day”. I set these days aside for when I have the time to really enjoy creating. This day yielded, 14 jars of beef broth, 3 jars of beef tallow, 2 dozen sourdough English muffins, 4 quart jars of sourdough cheese crackers and one loaf of sourdough bread. I am working on my scoring, on the bread, and this one I knew did not go so well, ha ha, when Hubs asked, “is it supposed to be a smiley face?”

This is the gold. After I cooked the beef bones and put them into the soup, I scraped every bit off of the sheet pan and put it in the fridge…

After removing the fat, I had this beautifully jelled beef bouillon. I save these in the freezer to add to soups, or use in rice. It makes the flavor of everything I add it to, so much richer!