Fall photos and Waking up to Winter Weather!

The collection of photos in this post go back over the last month. This morning looks anything like this one here. We woke up to a couple of inches of snow. First snow of the year! I wonder what type of Winter we will have this year. October is a bit on the early side for snow. The trick or treating kiddos this year will be wearing snow suits over their costumes, in true Wisconsin style, this year!

The project continues to march on like a heard of turtles. It’s looking great! I need to just keep my patience about me!

At the end of the garden, when frost came early, I picked all the peppers. They are so colorful and delicious! I still have some left in the fridge to use up, and loads of them in the freezer for Winter.

I didn’t get as many apples as I had hoped, for dried for winter snacking, but I have access to more of these apples from my organic farmer neighbor, who has started doing some distributing of other local farm’s foods. These were from north of here, and are delicious honey crisps!

I think we have gotten our last flush of mushrooms for the year, looking forward to more in the Spring. These cool weather mushrooms are meatier and quite different than the early Spring mushrooms, and even mid summer mushrooms. It is always interesting to watch them change over the growing season.

So pretty!

These will be used as additions to Winter soups. Mushroom soup is only for mid summer when we are rich in mushrooms. The rest of the year they are great additions to soups and stews.

Think Hershey kisses, but garlic instead. This is frozen chunks of roasted pureed garlic. Once frozen I pop them out of this tray and fill bags with them in the freezer. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to peel garlic for a quick add on to a dish.

I used up the last of the cabbages, they just were not going to keep long with the root cellar not ready yet. Now they will keep just fine. They were added to my ferment fridge for Winter eating.

Speaking of my ferment fridge… This will last all Winter.

These are the last little bits from the garden yesterday. It is officially done, the season is a wrap!

Roasted veggies are so delicious this time of year!

Our new layers gave us our first eggs! They are precocious little hens, they started producing 3 weeks early! We now have an abundance of eggs again, so time to be able to have hard boiled eggs in the fridge again, with plenty left to cook with as well.

This is one very happy sourdough starter and it turned into some very happy…

…sourdough Rye bread!

This is a favorite thing of mine. After roasting a chicken I scrape every bit of it from the pan and put it in a small dish and warm it up so it is easy to strain. Then I run it through a strainer and then refrigerate it. Once the fat has settled on the top if scrapes right off and what is left is the firmest gelatin ever and packed with flavor. I save these in the freezer to add to soups. Liquid gold.

SUMAC! My brother-in-law picked an incredible amount of Sumac for me. He has such a nice patch of it at his place up north. I am working to get as many of the little “berries” off of these clusters and then I will dry them and grind them into Sumac powder. Once it is ground the seeds get sifted out and I will use the Sumac powder to make Za’atar seasoning for holiday gifts.

Other holiday gifts. This Wisconsin Cranberry Apple Jam turned out so good, I could eat it with a spoon, but I try and control myself enough to put it on a piece of warm homemade toast instead.

The squash garden did not do to well this year, but it’s enough to make plenty of pumpkin puree for future pumpkin breads, and the squashes should last a while before we have to use them.

The light is on in the coop. This will keep us in eggs all Winter. Many people choose to let their hens rest in the Winter and don’t use a light to promote egg laying but we have a very well insulated coop, we give them light 14 hours a day, and lots of good seed mixes and black oil sunflower seeds to give them energy and protein to lay in the Winter for us. They don’t seem to mind and the eggs are wonderful to have all Winter.

Now, with today being the first snowfall, these Fall scenes are pretty much a thing of the past. It was a beautiful Fall, but a bit short before we suddenly jumped into Winter early.