…or how granola brought back a dream!

There were many things we talked about doing on the farm when we moved out here. My husband has achieved many of those things and many that he probably never even knew he would achieve out here. To say my husband has a strong work ethic only makes people chuckle as he can accomplish more in a day outdoors then most can in three! Despite my dreams of growing all our food, preserving foods for winter and collecting wild edibles about the farm, it seemed to slip to the background, while my foreground was filled with being a Mom, working as a teacher, then going back to school to become a nurse, followed by nursing for years, and then going back to teaching. While many Moms who live in the country do all of these things, and then some, it didn’t go that way for me. Over the years the children and I did a share of picking wild black cap berries and making jam, drying some of the wild apples and drying the morel mushrooms my husband, so devotedly, collected. When our Cherry tree, he planted, was ready we enjoyed picking them and made jam and dried cherries. While all this made my Grandmother sure I was a real Pioneer, it was an unqualified title for sure! Now our children are on their own, and I gave up my teaching job to begin a business, yes this is where the Granola comes in to the picture. My new business, has not only been a completely fun adventure, it has opened my life up in ways I never realized that it might. Of course with a new business just getting started we are of trying to trim the household budget. In addition to this I have been struggling with my feelings over food sources, and it occurred to me that that dream from eighteen years ago would be a way to address both problems. I could produce more of our food, maybe a good portion of it, and this would achieve both reducing our budget and improving the quality of our food at the same time as we are making money by saving money. It doesn’t matter to me how small I start, because I know each step brings me closer. So here I begin stepping towards homesteading…

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