Pig time

Pigs are on the ground at Red Tail Hollow! Meet John Boy and Kleetus! If you’ve missed earlier entries, I should explain that we name the pigs alphabetically, and these two are J and K. This system lets us know how many pigs we have raised by what letter we are on at the time, just as is done with storm names. These two are adjusting well and digging things up at a rapid rate. Soon they will go out on pasture, we just wanted them to first get used to us in their smaller pen. It’s easier for them to get to know us in a smaller space than in a larger space. It’s been a bit tough weather wise since they got here, with either intense heat or intense rain, and not much in between that, but with two wallows and lots of water they seem to be doing well. We are starting to have some produce scraps from the garden and they have been enjoying crunching through the outer cabbage leaves I have been sharing with them.

The past few years my cabbage, broccoli, kale and collards have been eaten by bugs, but this year I have been managing them differntly and am happy to say that so far so good! We had coleslaw yesterday and fried cabbage with salt and pepper tonight. I’m already wishing I had planted more of it!

These are volunteer pumpkin plants that are growing in the Winter Chicken yard. I fed the chickens a locally made seed mix last Winter as treats, and there were large pumpkin seeds in the mix, and this is what happened. I wasn’t sure if it would actually flower and grow pumpkins or if it would just be foliage but sure enough there will be loads of pumpkins for the pigs this year! We already planted a pumpkin garden, so these are a bonus, and check out the size of these leaves…


I planted Currants about three years ago, and was lucky to get one currant off of the bushes each year. The birds and critters were always getting them. This time though the bush has much more fruit on it! I guess it is enough fruit for the birds, the critters and me, this year!

These currants were dried, so that I could use them in a special recipe for a dinner party coming up soon. Wild rice, Currants and Walnuts.

The raspberries will be ripening soon!

This flower is on my blackberry bushes. They are absolutely huge berries and this year looks like I will get much more than last year!

Cherries! Cherry ice cream has been on the menu, as well as Sourdough Cherry muffins. After eating a bunch of them the rest got frozen for goodies later.

My tomato fence didn’t work quite as well as I hoped. I I thought I would be able to get all the branches to grow along the fence, but thankfully I left plenty of room around the tomatoes, so even if they go jungle on me, I can still get in there. Can’t wait for that first red tomato, and the first tomato sandwich of the year!

Shiitake mushrooms are so beautiful.

A tray of today’s treats.

Elderflower, Mint, Chamomile, Basil, Spearmint, Dill and Calendula.

The storms this Summer have been impressive. This one we watched for a long time. What a lightening show. In addition to the lightening show the fire flies were everywhere! It was quite an amazing display.